About Chaithanya


Hi, I am Chaithannya. I am the founder of ichaithanya.com.

My mission is to help Business Owners, Trainers, Coaches, and Consultants to set up a profitable online business and scale it to the next level.

My journey started when I searched “How to earn money online” on Google for the first time in 2012.
I thought about this and had a feeling that lots of opportunities are coming my way. I knew I could do so much better in the online world. I believed in myself and this belief is one thing that kept me going.

I started exploring the market on the internet even though Digital Marketing wasn’t so popular during those years.

Once I had done my research, I had finally decided that I will be entering the Digital Marketing world no matter what it takes. However, I had no money to invest in my learnings, so I ended up taking a corporate job, worked for 4 years, and then finally saved up money to invest in myself for learning Digital Marketing.

Today, I am so proud of myself for making the right decision of going ahead in the Digital Marketing field. Years of knowledge and practice have made me capable enough to help online businesses grow.

What you can explore with me

I am a Digital Marketer who believes Marketing is all about the customer’s needs. I am a practitioner who has worked with top coaching clients from 9 different niches. And let me tell you this, I am someone who always focuses on over-delivering value.

I am passionate about learning new skills constantly and applying them in my business/personal life so I can bring a difference in people’s lives.

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